You are an international non-governmental organization (INGOs) seeking to explore fundraising opportunities in Germany? Our experts are here to help with the nitty-gritty while you can focus on your mission!

Zielgenau = engl. pinpoint, dead on target
Agentur Zielgenau is a marketing and fundraising agency in Darmstadt, Hesse. We purposefully navigate between two worlds: Our portfolio of clients includes non-profit organizations and small- and medium-sized businesses who appreciate our entrepreneurial approach to tackle change, seek opportunities to apply targeted and effective solutions.  We develop and implement your strategic business plans. Contact us for more information!

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The number of registered NGOs in Germany has increased in recent years. Latest figures* depict nearly 620.000 organizations. However, giving has been hovering around 4 billion EUR**.
As a result, NGOs are forced to rethink their strategies – and in many cases, begin to pursue a systematic fundraising approach. Especially small to mediums size organizations feel the pressure to implement a professional infrastructure.
The Nonprofit Centers offers various solutions to guide your organization. Whether you need assistance in the development of a fundraising and marketing plan, interim management expertise or help with administrative tasks, we offer custom solutions to meet your budget and needs.
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*Quelle: FAZ, 19.07.2013, Deutschland hat so viele Vereine wie nie zuvor
**Quelle: Bilanz des Helfens, 2011, Deutscher Spendenrat e.V.